Subject RE: [IBDI] New Name for IBConsole fork...
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Dominique Louis [mailto:Dominique@...]
> Sent: Sábado 13 de Abril de 2002 17:30
> The names proposed so far are...
> FBConsole - an obvious choice ( suggested by Claudio )

I think FBConsole says it all: for now, the changes to make IBConsole work
with FB are minimal. Apart from that, you need to rename the executable,
give it a new icon and change the About (giving proper credits to the
creators of the current code). For the rest, you benefit from the original

> DF_Manager - Not too sure what DF stand for ( suggested by Claudio )

This was a lame joke, but you didn't get it. It's unlikely that Dale Fuller
(DF) will love Firebird, since he's Borland CEO. But maybe he will be happy
to know that we recognize him for at least open sourcing IB instead of
letting it die and rot even after 3/4 of the IB Team quit.

> Chief SQL Officer - CSO for short ( suggested by me )

This is a too pompous name for a basic utility.

> Minion - for the control freaks amongst us ( suggested by me )

No serious programmer (or at least, no programmer without a good sense of
humor) would use a tool named Minion, maybe for the same reason that nobody
wants to use a picture of a bug to represent anything other than a debugger
itself (I would have used it for FB, but I'm sure 99% of my FB peer
co-developers would ask for my head in a silver plate in such case).

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