Subject RE: ODBC Driver - Where is it? - Found it.
Author Mark Pawelek
Sorry if I wasted anyone's time.

There is another ODBC driver version (XTG Systems) at:

This version installs with no error messages (unlike and the file DSN will probably work (not tried it

No matter, because a connection string can be used so that ASP pages may
be written and this has tested OK. The question regarding PHP 4 & Apache
ASP under Mod_Perl still holds though.

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Subject: ODBC Driver - Where is it?

I downloaded the Firebird ODBC driver ( but was
not able to get it working when I installed it on Windows 2000 pro boxes
networked to a Windows 2000 server which had Firebird on it.

The Firebird database was working OK (with QuickDesk Pro on the clients)
but the ODBC driver did not install properly.

What is the current status of the ODBC driver?

What do I need to get Firebird to work with either (preference is in
1) ASP,
2) PHP 4 or
3) Apache ASP under Mod_Perl

In short - how do I use Firebird as a web server database engine?

How much work is involved writing an ODBC driver and should this driver
be written in Delphi, C++ or C# or does it not matter?