Subject Want to buy FB CD with credit card plus some suggestions
Author mmenaz
Hi, I would like to buy the FB CD (developer) and pay with credit card.
On the FB site is stated that I can e-mail for that. Is this SECURE? Usually there is a crypted connection when you provide your credit card number and your name to any mercandizer.
The second option is to send a fax... to Ann Harrison I suppose, since it's the only fax listed (Fax: +1 978 526 7728). Is not any reseller in Europe? Delivery to me (Italy) should be very much faster and inexpensive...
What about a special, low price ($20?) labeled CD that I could buy just to give an added value to my customers, and make them feel that they are "legal, registered software"? Open source is not very understood by my clients.
Marco Menardi