Subject Re: [IBDI] Compare between PostgreSQL and Firebird
Author Pirtea Calin
Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> It would be great if you could list the differences as they
> appear. People are interested in performance, but they're
> also interested in productivity features and features that
> reduce the cost of converting systems and experience from
> other databases.

Ok. That's a long list i think :)
But i'll do my best.

> Personally, I think that performance comparisons are of very little
> value because no application is anything like a benchmark. However,
> do try to use realistic data and queries - not just storing 100.000
> duplicate records and counting them.

I agree. I thought about generating with my application some sort of
data in order to get all kind of dependancies like foreign key and
with several levels of details and combination of these. I'll use data
paterns from
real life applications. (I have written an application for Romanian
In my opinion performance should be similar between the two RDBMS with highs
and lows on diferent topics but i'm interested in them too.

Thanks for your fast reply.

Best regards,
Aplication Developer
Pirtea Calin Iancu
S.C. SoftScape S.R.L.