Subject [IBDI] Compare between PostgreSQL and Firebird
Author Pirtea Calin
May times users have asked about compares between PostgreSQL and Firebird.
If i remeber correctly there are none available. I would like to know
if it is already done by someone because i have found none on the net.

I spent the last days rewriting some scripts that i used to create
a database in Firebird in order to be able to use them in PostgreSQL.
My final purpose is to write a small test application that can compare
results between Firebird and PostgreSQL.

Since Firebird and PostgreSQL are quite diferent in too many ways
i won't do some complicated database design and i try to use features
that are similar in both RDBMS. I would also appreciate some hints
into creating a test sample in such manner that it would be usefull for
many users as a comparison for speed, number of features, and so on ...

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Best regards,
Aplication Developer
Pirtea Calin Iancu
S.C. SoftScape S.R.L.