Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Just a marketing suggestion for FB1.0 CD
Author Artur Anjos
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From: "Claudio Valderrama C."
> With all due respect, I think if we are going to have a pet or toy and we
> are honest, we should use a bug. Either a red or yellow bug. I have one of
> those plastic-resin-made bugs and it comes with a suction cup to be
> to a glass, for example... but it's black.
> C.


With all due respect, I think you are 'off-subject'.

Main reason:

- You can not use the reserved word 'honest' inside a Marketing procedure.

You can use a Bug, but with some limits. From the Marketing Software Manual,
in introduction (page 1), you will see that 'Bug' it's a internal procedure
that returns the Boolean 'True' if you send some parameter with the word
'Competition' or related (the parser is very good), or returns the string
'All software have Bugs' if you call it inside you appl.