Subject gMARATHON was Re: The sore state of our lists
Author mmenaz
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> I'm an IBO user also, but...
> With IBO we will have a Win tool. We have been discussing about a
> multi-plataform utility. (Jason is commited for a Kylix version, but...)

we (messages I've read here) agree that:
a) don't start from scratch
b) do something like marathon for DB design/manipulation
so we have to choose a connectivity layer, writing a program using direct API would be a nightmare.
The only one that is so open, powerful and Firebird frient, as far as I know, is IBO, since IBX is Interbase chained.
There is already a good program, Marathon, that uses it.
In the list here there are many people that use IBO.
IBO author, Jason Wharton, is happy and helping for that project.
I love IBO ;) <g>
It will be ported to Kylix, but anyway, there will ever a Win Client to connecto to the Linux (or whatever) firebird server to perform the job, so I don't think is a big issue. I prefer having NOW a good, rediable solution for 90% of market share, that a bad, late, poor solution for 100%.
Marco Menardi