Subject RE: [IBDI] The sore state of our lists
Author Robert Munro
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> Sent: 19 February 2002 19:06
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> Subject: Re: [IBDI] The sore state of our lists
> > Do we actually have a central repository of data, it seems
> > rather spread at the moment. That is not a problem, but the
> > cross links seem rather random.
> I think the problem is that, like a lot of places, people start doing
> their own thing, but nobody ever seems to decide to pull them all
> together. Perhaps some folks could put a working group together
> just to find where all the stuff is, and then pull it all together into a
> nice neat package, with policies to deal with new stuff that comes
> along.

Something like CPAN for perl? (

Hmmm... CFIBAN - Comprehensive FireBird Interbase Archive Network

A friend of mine is working on CJAN ( - Comprehensive
Java Archive Network

Robert Munro