Subject Re: [IBDI] gMARATHON was Re: The sore state of our lists
Author Artur Anjos

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Subject: [IBDI] gMARATHON was Re: The sore state of our lists

> we (messages I've read here) agree that:
> a) don't start from scratch
> b) do something like marathon for DB design/manipulation

That's what I point you to. When I said 'we' I must have been saying
something like 'the people that joined the recent newsgroup - fbfetd - FB
Front End Tool Discussion - created by Paul just for this purpose'. This
subject has been discussed there, Claudio just express is opinion here.
Since fbfetd a very recent group, you will see there just the persons that
are really interested in this subject (Just a few people that went there,
but went to do something).

There was a poll there (it was just voted for 7 persons) that ask about
'There are a number of different tactics we can take, so I am asking the
question which do you prefer?'. 5 of the people answer that the best
solution was to 'Adapt an existing client program like but no nessisarily
Marathon, we would work with the developers to enhance that product'. This
poll is still open.

But let's forget about this discussion. I like Marathon, I use IBO and I
could give an help. I will join you there. I always think that something is
better that nothing: and 'this' something will be 'everything' for Win

But I must remember that FireBird is multi-plataform and other SO's support
is important: if someone want to use Linux for Server & Workstations, they
will need a Win machine to run the tool. I don't want to put this smile in
the face of Mr. G$.