Subject RE: [IBDI] The sore state of our lists
Author Darryl VanDorp
The problem with list prolification is most people are lurkers.
By subdividing the subjects so narrowly you end up only
getting a very small cross section of people that particpate.

Reduce the number of lists and increase the number of acceptable topics.

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Subject: Re: [IBDI] The sore state of our lists

On 19 Feb 2002, at 4:27, Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

> As you can see, different people start ideas alike but abandon them
> afterwards. And regarding that "FB Front End Tool", maybe it would be
> better to cooperate with an effort already running like IBAccess than
> to start another tool from scratch. We have the lesson learned from
> IB_Designer... it started like a young horse but became dead in the
> race. Or maybe you could consider providing a patch for IBConsole so
> it produces non-ambiguous SQL to query metadata. (As an anecdote, I
> knew about a developer that changed IBConsole to IBO in his spare time
> while he was learning IBO basics, for example.)

One of the problems with the lists, and it's a problem with all lists,
is that you get 157 members, and only 2 - 3 ever post. The FB
Front End Tool Discussion list, which I started, was started to try
and come up with some ideas, for example should we throw away
the 10 or so existing tools and come up with something new, take
one of them and make it the official front end tool, or take one or
two of them for different purposes adapt them considerably and
then make the suggestion to the FB community that this could or
should be adopted as the official tool. The problem is that nobody
has posted anything in over a month, nobody has any ideas I

BTW if the official FB list people want to take over that list, they
should let me know by private email, and they can take it over.
Otherwise, if nobody else seems to care, then I'll probably kill it.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies

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