Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Just a marketing suggestion for FB1.0 CD
Author Marc Spitzer
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Subject: [IBDI] Re: Just a marketing suggestion for FB1.0 CD

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> > Marco:
> >
> > But, resuming:
> >
> > What we need it's a combination of a Tank (Robust) with a Sports Car
> > That's the way to show that FireBird is Fast and Robust.
> You can have only difficoulties in transated concepts in cultural
dependent images :( (read Alan Cooper books They are GREAT
for program interface developement, belive me!)
> To draw a tank, you have to draw a gun too...
> A tank is:
> -damage

Well I think of a tank as power and that power can be used to cause harm to
your enemies. This translates into firbird destroying your db problems(call
it solving instead)

> -noise

modern tanks are as quite as possable, the M1 Abrahms(US main battle tank)
has a turbine engien in it. It is very quite.

> -fat and slow

stop looking at the WWI footage, modern tanks are as fast as possiable for
their primary terain which is off road.

> just the contrary of what Firebird is:
> -it helps you

Well your tanks are your friend, they are the best way of killing their

> -it' works smootly and silently ;)
> -slim and compact (embeddable)

This one I will give you.

> YOU think tank=robust, but it's just your choise in your mind, and it's
your mind ;)

They are robust, remember what they are designed to survive. They do
require a good deal of maintenence though.


> You would better have a symbol that has nothing with conceptual, just to
he easely recognized and remembered.
> And about a sport car... well.. it's very far from a database engine, who
will easely associate with Firebird?
> And what can be better that the actual symbol of the name of Firebrid?
(the phoenix)
> I return to my first post: use the actual logo, just add some "value" for
"supporters", give them (us) the proud of having that image in our products
> Just my 2 cents
> Marco Meanrdi
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