Subject Licencing in general
To start the discussion again, because I lost it here years

I build systems which are mainly hardware, and the software
just makes them work. The propriatry stuff is all related to
talking to specialist hardware, but even that is evaporating

I am using Firebird, along with Builder5, IBO, FastReport
and providing a finished system ( we still install W98 or NT
but that is a different problem <g> ). I have licences to
distribute B5, IBO and FastReport, and the end customers
have no interest in the source of the applications - we just
have to maintain 24/7 operation where appropriate, and fix
bugs that cause problems.

So the question -

Do I have to worry about the the in's and out's of GPL or
any other conditions?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services