Subject Re: [IBDI] Digest Number 419
Author Syarzhuk Kazachenka
>select a.compname from company a , employee b
>where a.compname = b.compname
>and b.empno = :empno
>order by compname
>The ambiguity here is that the statement does not identify which table's
>compname to order by and the results are somewhat unpredictable -
>contradictory, even, if you compare database versions.

I don't get it. If you're doing an equijoin (a.compname = b.compname) than
does it really matter whether the DB engine will use a.compname or
b.compname for sorting the result set? I understand this could be the reason
for underperformance on the server side, but the RESULTS of the SQL query
should be the same and not "somewhat unpredictable". Am I missing something?


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