Subject Re: [IBDI] Ambiguous SQL :: Your Views Please
> However, there are voices in devel who would like to make even Rls 1 throw an error, rather than a warning which is not detectable.
> The effect of the change - when it happens - will be to cause exceptions in your applications where you are using such ambiguous statements.
> What we'd like discussed is whether you want to keep things the way they are for Rls 1, knowing that the axe will fall in Rls 2; or whether your preference is to bite bullet and have it activated now.

Error now please.

The source of the problem is ( I believe ) controllable -
always include the table id - but it would be nice to know
when one forgets.

I don't think I would ever hit the problem, but we will see.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services