Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: [Firebird-admin] Firebird install for Win32 executable name
Author Nando Dessena

> - put as much versioning info as you possibly can into the downloadable exe
> file names. This includes platform/OS, major release, subrelease(s).

this is convenient under unix systems that a) have a decent symlink
machinery and b) don't have a standard way of putting version
information embedded in (executable) files. Under Windows the two
conditions don't apply, and the VERSIONINFO resource is exactly what
should be used for the purpose. This conformance to platform standards
is also the reason why IB is using the Registry for configuration
information, and a control panel applet for administration.

> (meaning to say: it's easier to *strip out* versioning info from an exe
> name than to adding it in afterwards (examine the exe to find out
> about its current version) - no OS tools needed etc. (- having said that,
> is there something like "show dll version" on lnx platforms???)
> - of course it would be helpful to encode the versioning info in the file's
> date/time stamp, but (as Lester e.a. pointed out) some copy op. might change
> that time stamp, so it's not truly reliable. Anyone having the appropriate
> tools can build a Firebird exe, dates may change, exe sizes may change...,
> so imho only version infos in the exe's *filename* are the final clue as
> to what version you're really dealing with.

both name and date are much more subject to alterations than VERSIONINFO
resources. But I won't stress that any longer. I kind of feel that
Lester's ISO requirements could be satisfied in a much stronger way with
this kind of approach, but then he must know better, since it's his own
business. I am not particurarly adverse to the filename approach, I just
see better ways under Windows (I have abandoned the argument that it may
mess up automatic back-up procedures, even if it still applies someway).

> and finally - as Nando said, it doesn't *really* matter how the exe is named,
> as long as you (SYSDBA) are aware of how the name came to be.

Did I say that? ;-)

> as said - just my 0.02 <put your favourite currency here> :-)

I'll put italian Lire, then, but just until next january. ;-)