Subject Re: [IBDI] Firebird install for Win32 executable name
Author David R. Robinson
Ok, here's my thoughts at this point...

The Wise script name is what the resulting EXE will be called. I don't
really want to be changing the script name every time I do a new build
or every time there is a different IB or Firebird build. I do include
version into in the compiled EXE that is unique for each build.

I think what I will do is call the ZIP file or (or something like that). This way, the file
that you download will tell you what is in it. Within the zip file, I'm
going to use the same name for each version and I'll probably go with
something like IBWin32Setup.exe for InterBase and FireBirdWin32Setup.exe
for Firebird.

I will also, later, investigate putting the source on SourceForge so the
full history and versions will be available there as well.

David R. Robinson
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