Subject AW: [IBDI] 100% CPU usage
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Tobias,

nobody responds here, perhaps its because you are
a bit OT.

I have posted our question to the firebird-devel list,
but they don't seem to see it as a bug and told me to
ask the members at IB-Support.

So I have reposted the discussion at IB-Support, I hope
some can help us there - keep an eye on it!


> Hello,
> on the interbase@mers list, there's a thread going on where
> IB locks up into
> using 100% CPU. It still responds to queries, but slowly. The
> databases this
> occurs with are from 1.5 MB to 15 MB.
> The two reported cases are on Win NT/2000, with IB/Firebird apparently
> running as a service. Another person said he moved to Classic
> Server on
> Linux because of similar Super Server troubles, which is
> apparently the only
> available architecture on Windows.
> Hasn't happened to me yet, but it makes me worry. Should it?