Subject Re: IBAccess for Linux
>JEDI libraries or Delphree components or IBX components or in a GPL
>project because GNU insists IPL/MPL is incompatible.

GNU says

>The Mozilla Public License (MPL).

>This is a free software license which is not a strong copyleft;
>unlike the X11 license, it has some complex restrictions that
>make it incompatible with the GNU GPL. That is, a module covered
>by the GPL and a module covered by the MPL cannot legally be
>linked together. We urge you not to use the MPL for this reason.

>However, MPL 1.1 has a provision (section 13) that allows a
>program (or parts of it) to offer a choice of another license
>as well. If part of a program allows the GNU GPL as an
>alternate choice, or any other GPL-compatible license as an
>alternate choice, that part of the program has a
>GPL-compatible license.

I understand from the last paragraph that it's legal to link
GPL compatible software to MPL, but then, the MPL license of
the software linked is limited by the GPL, so you can't link
(GPL+MPL+Propietary), but you can link GPL(or compatible)+MPL(or

I'm confused.

Toni Martir