Subject Re: [IBDI] Dear Helen...
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 02:39 AM 4/27/2001 -0300, Fabricio Araujo wrote:

>December 99: Bill Karwin, former product manager of IB on Borprise (

Bill managed the engineering group. He quit. So did Paul Beach, the
general manager of the group, and Wayne Ostiguy, who was in charge of

>... by her and Paul Reeves (initially)

Paul Beach, actually. And Matt Larsen.

>Feb 2K to June 2K: only BS from Borland. AnnH is employed on Borland to
>command ne-

I contracted to Borland as manager of the InterBase group - to keep
the project running. I wore my other hat for the negotiations.

>July 2K:

The order was ... negotiations were very drawn out. We hoped to close
at Borcon. Didn't. Borland announced its decision to release the sources
and V6 themselves immediately before their annual meeting. We suggested
a different deal. Borland announced that the negotiations were off.

>* Jim Starkey ...

That one is complicated. Jim agreed to a fixed fee contract, and I
didn't have the money to pay him.


We were there.