Subject Re: Product name
:) Hi Ann, did you know PostgeSql now has an audio file on their
site, so one can listen how it's to be pronounced LOL - available
both .wav and .mp3.


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> >I remember a report on IBDI about a meeting you attended somewhere
> >together with representants from MySql and PostgreSql, and in your
> >report you showed significantly more respect for them than you do
> >now...
> Sorry - I was unclear. The products are fine - their names,
> particularly PostgreSQL, are not.
> Postgres was a pretty good name for a follow-on
> to Ingres. The pronunciation is pretty obvious
> "Post grress" - accent on the Post.
> PostgreSQL is, first, an unfortunate bastardization
> of an interesting and innovative database - almost
> like hitching a mule to a VW Golf to make a high
> mileage vehicle.
> PostgreSQL is also impossible to pronounce. It's
> a little know fact that SQL was intended to be pronounced
> "sequel". It was the sequel to Alpha, Codd's first
> database language. So it might be pronounced
> "post gre sequel", or perhaps "post gres equal".
> On the other hand, nearly everyone pronounces SQL as
> ess que ell,` making the name "post gre ess que ell"
> It's a golfule, and that's my opinion. No reflection
> on the database, but the name bays at the moon.
> > The formal advantage that it's indicative for the type of
> > product remains. Guess why other databases have names like
> > InterBase, SyBase, DB2, ... This has some value!
> I know how InterBase got it's name ... not a pretty story.
> It should have been Epic (language epilog). It was briefly
> Galaxy. Then we hired some idiot to be President and his
> one contribution was a stupid name.
> Oracle? Delphi? Mistress? Empress? Solid? Lotus 123?
> >But for sure the fact that FirebirdSQL matches the domains is a
> >advantage!
> Errr... since we've had that domain for all of four days ...
> >Please look at it again tomorrow and reconsider ;)
> Have. Did. Same conclusion.
> Regards,
> Ann
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