Subject Re: [IBDI] Product name
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Sorry Markus, I agree with Ann.

To comment each of your reasons:
#1 is an advantage only for MySQL and PostgreSQL, I think FirebirdSQL
simply sounds like a worse engine than Firebird or Interbase.

#2 Well, if you're into databases you will understand a bit. But SQL is a
term many say they adhere to without being all too compatible.

#3 is a good point and I didn't like that Firebird was taken. And it is
possible to guess FirebirdSQL when you find that www.firebird is a car
company, so I thought that was OK as a website (anyone thought of asking
the car company to set up a link for lost database investigators, and
possibly offer them a free database in return? ;o). I considered answering
the previous mails by suggesting that Firebird was replaced by FireBirth
(which is a nice description of how Firebird came into existence), but it
didn't ring equally well in my ears and when I - the originator - didn't
like the name, I didn't think others would like it either.

FirebirdSQL is simply a bit too long for a name and adding SQL to the name
sounds like emphasizing the quality of the name rather than the engine
itself (like calling a company for BestBuy or GreatManufacturer - I
wouldn't trust it one bit).