Subject Re: [IBDI] Product name
Author Pavel Císaø
On 26 Apr 2001, at 21:34, markus.soell@... wrote:

> Hello all,
> after some reflexion I have come to the conviction that the product
> should be named FirebirdSql, rather than Firebird.

FirebirdSql would be kinda better name for database than plain
Firebird, but:


- More descriptive name for database
- Match secured domain(s)


- Produced code should match the name, so changes to the code
and documentation are needed.

- If project will not retain its name (Firebird Project is IMHO better
name for a project than FirebirdSql), we have to adjust already
created articles, web pages etc. We have to get used to new name
(change signatures etc.).

- After almost a year of its existence, Firebird got some name

- Consider all changes needed (code, doc/web, mindset) when
we're in process to release our major version

Best regards
-- Pavel