Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBDI
Author Damian Dowling
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> > > Thanks. All i need is for everyone to agree that i should develop the
> > > site
> > > and i will start.
> > >
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>I think we all agree, (there may be a bit of extra stuff over from
>firebird-devel people soon though). Currently Pavel is the person
>(self) nominated as we all are :-), to look after the Firebird web site, so
>I think keep in touch with him and when it's finished he can help move it to
>the sourceforge site. As he suggested he's happy to have help, and I think
>let others take the leed in designing the new web site.
>Oh and thanks, Damian ,this sort of support, is very helpful as we obviously
>are still finding our way, and the path is currently difficult.


I personally would like to see the site separate from Source Forge as that
is the dev site (but that is just me). I will begin work this weekend on
the site and will keep you, Pavel etc informed.