Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBDI
Author Mark O'Donohue
David Jencks wrote:

> Hi,
> +1
> I for one agree, despite my frequent asking "why not put it on sourceforge
> for free"

I agree with David, if its the firebird web site, it should be basically
hosted within the firebird infrastructure, which is currently at
sourceforge. It looks like this is going into a design, experement and
build phase with a new web site, which I think when finished we can host from
sourceforge with perhaps the current one there, but perhaps one click away
from the main page.

> Thanks
> david jencks
> On 2001.04.26 11:18:37 -0400 Damian Dowling wrote:
> > At 15:55 26/04/2001 , you wrote:
> > >At 01:04 PM 26-04-01 +0100, you wrote:
> > >
> > > >I have been closely following this discussion and i am willing to
> > develop,
> > > >maintain and fund a Firebird site once the objective of the site is
> > > settled on.
> > > >
> > > >Helen, Jason, what do you think?

Ah that would be an IBDI site :-). No really I don't think we can draw the
boundaries that easily, and Helen and Jason are important community
leaders/members in the FB/IB community (Helen of course is a member and
(vocal :-), advocate of Firebird). I know Jason also is a strong supporter,
(Although I don't want to comporomise his "independance" here :-).

I've posted a note to firebird-devel to come and have a look at the discussion
here. I know most of them are already here, but there are also others, and
I think it's importnt they are aware of where this discusion is heading. For
future reference the Firebird project has 45 members (and growing - feel free
to join :-), and the admin people are Mike, Pavel, Ann and myself. But in
terms of control, about the only extra rights we have is that we can sign
people onto the project.

> >
> > Thanks. All i need is for everyone to agree that i should develop the
> > site
> > and i will start.
> >

I think we all agree, (there may be a bit of extra stuff over from
firebird-devel people soon though). Currently Pavel is the person
(self) nominated as we all are :-), to look after the Firebird web site, so
I think keep in touch with him and when it's finished he can help move it to
the sourceforge site. As he suggested he's happy to have help, and I think
let others take the leed in designing the new web site.

Oh and thanks, Damian ,this sort of support, is very helpful as we obviously
are still finding our way, and the path is currently difficult.


Your database needs YOU! ( soon to be :-).