Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBDI
Author Pavel Císaø

On 26 Apr 2001, at 13:04, Damian Dowling wrote:

> I have been closely following this discussion and i am willing to
> develop, maintain and fund a Firebird site once the objective of
> the site is settled on.
> Helen, Jason, what do you think?

Ahhh! Now we can make some progress! Well, the / combo should work nicely. ORG site will cover
everything about development (current Firebird site) and COM site
will cover everything about all commercial ventures around Firebird
(IBPhoenix, tool / application / library vendors etc.) and marketing
information for users (success stories, feature matrix, ten reasons
why use Firebird etc.). As was said, the COM site could be quite

So, what's need to be done ?

1) Secure site hosting
2) Secure domain and link it to server
3) Basic content outline
4) Layout design
5) Make content (articles, collect links, graphics etc.)
6) Set it up

Personally, I'm not able to commit my time to any from that list in
advance as I'm busy with other things. But I'm available for
comments and will help with small things when constrains allow
me to do so. Of course, I'll do my part at complementary (SourceForge) site.

Best regards
Pavel Cisar