Subject Community WAS Re: [IBDI] Re: Firebird HowTo
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:11 PM 25-04-01 +0000, "ded" wrote:

> Actually I can't be treated as member of community, because
>I don't participate in engine/tools development, I'm database
>designer and application developer, so my opinion is somewhat
>"look form the side", but nearby side.

Hey, you are the *archetypal* community member. 90% of us are database designers and application developers. The single thing that binds us all is one special database that we believe in. The IBDI, IBPhoenix and, more latterly, Firebird are expressions of that belief and the value of working together on some complicated and often shifting requirements.

A point that has been emphasised more than once in the current discussions is that those who contribute actively to the many projects earn the right to determine the policies and outcomes of their effort in proportion. Not recognising this essential point is the most singular flaw in Borland's current "open source model". Control and authority in voluntary efforts comes from within, not from any externally imposed hierarchy.

Eric S. Raymond's paper "Homesteading the Noosphere" (available in several languages) is well worth reading to understand the dynamics of open source communities. Start at this link:

btw, what is your first name?


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