Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Firebird HowTo
Author Pavel Cisar

On 26 Apr 2001, at 5:42, Mark O'Donohue wrote:

> I was wondering if perhaps interbase2000, a (the?) ibdi site was a
> better place for the PhNuke news and feedback stuff longer term.
> I like the feedback mechanism, and perhaps that fits more with
> ibdi's brief. But I would leave it to Pavel to do the what/ how
> and when (and even the if), since he's better at this than I am,
> and I've got my own tasks to worry about.

Yes, the IBDI site would take advantage from SlashDot-like
features, but it's matter of tools. AFAIK IBDI site is developed in
Delphi with WebHUB, because Helen made it and she is
comfortable with it (just according to use "the right tools for you to
make work done" rule :) and it would be difficult (a lot of work) to
implement them. Use of phpNuke or any PHP/Pearl/Python based
open source web application mean that she have to learn it, or
someone else will have to take over it. Any takers ? If not, it's on
Helen's decision. Yup, so many (valid) requests and so little time :)

> Again thank for the contribution, I only wish I had more time to
> discuss it,

Amen brother :-)

Best regards
-- Pavel

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