Subject IB2K site WAS Re: [IBDI] Re: Firebird HowTo
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:22 PM 25-04-01 +0200, Pavel wrote:
>On 26 Apr 2001, at 5:42, Mark O'Donohue wrote:
> > I was wondering if perhaps interbase2000, a (the?) ibdi site was a
> > better place for the PhNuke news and feedback stuff longer term.
> > I like the feedback mechanism, and perhaps that fits more with
> > ibdi's brief. But I would leave it to Pavel to do the what/ how
> > and when (and even the if), since he's better at this than I am,
> > and I've got my own tasks to worry about.
>Yes, the IBDI site would take advantage from SlashDot-like
>features, but it's matter of tools. AFAIK IBDI site is developed in
>Delphi with WebHUB, because Helen made it and she is
>comfortable with it (just according to use "the right tools for you to
>make work done" rule :) and it would be difficult (a lot of work) to
>implement them. Use of phpNuke or any PHP/Pearl/Python based
>open source web application mean that she have to learn it, or
>someone else will have to take over it. Any takers ? If not, it's on
>Helen's decision. Yup, so many (valid) requests and so little time :)

No, WebHub isn't used for the IB2K site. It is purely static HTML pages. The reason is partly historical, in that in earlier days we had several people updating the licensing and code control forum pages remotely. It was my plan at one point to utilise the app that you wrote for the IBPhoenix site but once IBPhoenix and the Firebird site were up and going, it seemed a lot of work for a site that was mostly overlapping the others...

There's a strong need at present to spring-clean the content on ib2k. FAQ and links particularly are long out of date; and the Tools section is becoming unmanageably large. The Developer Register continues to grow and, considering the current state of vountary effort, I think there is a case for maintaining it under the Firebird aegis.

Wherever our material goes, I'm working on a classified link list to all the resources we currently know about through IBPhoenix, Claudio's site, the Firebird doc area, the IBDI Bookstore, ReallyUseful, etc., complete with descriptions of doc contents and an indication of what the document is useful for. I've proposed to Joseph Alba (Firebird's user doc coordinator) that we combine efforts on this so that all of the stuff is easy to verify and locate...this proposal in a way is "six for the community and half a dozen for the IBDH", since a great deal of it is research material for the book and, at present, it is an administrative nightmare.

Dalton emailed me to say that he prefers to have the IBDI material in a Firebird zone; and Jason sent me a message indicating that he believes IBDI still has and needs to keep a distinct identity.

My position is this: open source development is 100% with Firebird now. Borland has had nine months to move on it and it has not. In that time, while promising to release documentation, Borland has in fact removed access to a huge amount of stuff that was previously accessible via the channel. I've made the *editorial* decision re IB2K to stop pretending that "open source brand-name InterBase" is going to happen. Any credible progress from the current position would be a bonus.


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