Subject Re: [IBDI] Usage HOWTO
Author Krzysztof Golko
Are you using Classic or Super Server?
Through IBConsole you can connect only to SS and if
it's the case you need to start the server first

--- Chris Mulcahy <cmulcahy@...> wrote:
> Greetings:
> I am attempting to get Firebird up and running on a
> Redhat Linux machine.
> I have everything installed via RPM, but am unsure
> how to proceed. I have
> been unable to connect to it via a remote
> application using either bin/isql
> or via the Firebird IBConsole from a Windows
> machine.
> Is there a howto or some other documentation to help
> get things going?
> When I try to connect via IBConsole from a remote
> Windows machine, I get:
> Cannot attach to services manager
> Services functionality will be supported in a later
> version of the product
> I'm not even sure what the command line should be
> from the Linux box.
> Thanks for any help!
> Chris
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