Subject Re: Firebird HowTo
> What you're referring to in terms of trademarks is not the
> historical origin of Firebird, but the current source: that's
> a source, not an origin.

True, it's not the historical origin I mean. Obviously the historical
origin is at Borland even the time before Borland. That's what I
write in my text: A historical relation does exist.

If you say I'd refer to a source to indicate origin, that's somehow
true as well. However, I actually use the word origin to refer to the
persons who produce the products: Borland and the community. But
since each of these persons has its own source code, one can actually
say that each source tree corresponds to an origin, i.e. the person
who manages that source.

So, I really mean the economic origin, not the historical one. I
think I'll use foot note type remarks to clarify my text. Thanks for
the comments.