Subject Re: [IBDI] Firebird / IBPhoenix Politics
Author Jeff Dodds
> Domain Name: FIREBIRD.ORG

Yeah, I emailed Thomas. He wants to use the name, he's not just a
squatter. I think he's connected with the Firebird car appreciation or

All the other domain names are gone as well, except

I'm not too keen on the .ws extention though. is okay would be better (IMHO)

..but both are still iffy.

Any other ideas?

firebirddatabase is available in all forms but the double 'dd' is annoying,
same with firebirddb.

Some other not so great ideas I had were...

fb (taken in all forms)

I'm still not sure the lead developers even want a site, besides the
sourceforge one.
I'm also pretty sure they'd like to keep a heavy emphasis on the
interconnectedness of Firebird and Interbase in order to draw the current
Interbase users, which was kind of kills the whole idea of a new site where
only Firebird stuff would be found. Plus all the documentation says
Interbase. I'd still be interested in a Firebird site, of whatever sort, if
the lead developers are interested.

Any new site would obviously need CGI and PHP control to even match the
sourceforge site plus a great deal of space to hold all the builds and docs,
plus all the usual features.

In my opinion, we must all do whatever the lead developers want to do, if
they have a consensus. They are the ones doing the work, therefore they get
the control.