Subject Re: [IBDI] Firebird / IBPhoenix Politics
Author Ed Malloy
Hi All, and are all available


Jeff Dodds wrote:

> > Domain Name: FIREBIRD.ORG
> Yeah, I emailed Thomas. He wants to use the name, he's not just a
> squatter. I think he's connected with the Firebird car appreciation or
> something.
> All the other domain names are gone as well, except
> I'm not too keen on the .ws extention though.
> is okay
> would be better (IMHO)
> .but both are still iffy.
> Any other ideas?
> firebirddatabase is available in all forms but the double 'dd' is annoying,
> same with firebirddb.
> Some other not so great ideas I had were...
> fbdb
> firebirdopensource
> fb (taken in all forms)
> firebirdashes
> fyrebird
> I'm still not sure the lead developers even want a site, besides the
> sourceforge one.
> I'm also pretty sure they'd like to keep a heavy emphasis on the
> interconnectedness of Firebird and Interbase in order to draw the current
> Interbase users, which was kind of kills the whole idea of a new site where
> only Firebird stuff would be found. Plus all the documentation says
> Interbase. I'd still be interested in a Firebird site, of whatever sort, if
> the lead developers are interested.
> Any new site would obviously need CGI and PHP control to even match the
> sourceforge site plus a great deal of space to hold all the builds and docs,
> plus all the usual features.
> In my opinion, we must all do whatever the lead developers want to do, if
> they have a consensus. They are the ones doing the work, therefore they get
> the control.
> Jeff
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