Subject Re: Field in RDB$Trigger
Author Louis van Alphen
>At 12:18 PM 2/12/2001 +0200, Louis van Alphen wrote:
> >I hope this is not OT. I need to know what the RDB$FLAGS in the
> >RDB$TRIGGERS table contains. The online as well as printed documentation is
> >incomplete.
>Doesn't seem off-topic to me. The flags on RDB$TRIGGERS are TRG_sql (1) and
>TRG_ignore_perm (2). The first appears not to be used and may be left over
>from the GDML->SQL transition in metadata. Here's a relevant comment about
>the second:

What I am actually after is the following:
To distinguish the system triggers from the user triggers, the
RDB$SYSTEM_FLAG(S) field in the RDB$TRIGGERS table is read.
User triggers include the normal triggers created by the user as well as
the check constraint triggers.

I want to distinguish between the 'normal' user triggers and the constraint

However, I have answered my own question. The check constraints system
table contains the name of the trigger associated. That solved my problem.

Thanks anyway for the reply

Louis van Alphen