Subject Re: [IBDI] Field in RDB$TRIGGERS table
Author Ann Harrison
At 12:18 PM 2/12/2001 +0200, Louis van Alphen wrote:
>I hope this is not OT. I need to know what the RDB$FLAGS in the
>RDB$TRIGGERS table contains. The online as well as printed documentation is

Doesn't seem off-topic to me. The flags on RDB$TRIGGERS are TRG_sql (1) and
TRG_ignore_perm (2). The first appears not to be used and may be left over
from the GDML->SQL transition in metadata. Here's a relevant comment about
the second:

* v e r i f y _ T R G _ i g n o r e _ p e r m
* Functional description
* Return TRUE if this trigger can go through without any permission
* checks. Currently, the only class of triggers that can go
* through without permission checks are
* (a) two system triggers (RDB$TRIGGERS_34 and RDB$TRIGGERS_35)
* (b) those defined for referential integrity actions such as,
* set null, set default, and cascade.


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