Subject IBConsole and Latest FireBird Server for Windows...
Author Dominique Louis
Hi All,
I have just installed the latest version of IBConsole ( Build 339 )
and also the Latest FireBird Installation found @

When I try and connect to the server using IBConsole I get the following
"Isc_service_attach is an InterBase 6 function. Please upgrade to
InterBase 6 to use this functonality."

Can anyone shed some light on what I have done wrong?

Secondly I have been looking at a great tool called ObjectSpark ( ), which works with SQL Server and Oracle,
and having spoken with it's developers I was told that they do not
support InterBase ( and I assume FireBird ) because you cannot select
across multiple databases ( I think it is something called XA compatab
ility ). It this the right place to ask if and when this sort of
functionality will be addressed, not just so it would work with this
tool but also as it would be a good feature to have?


Dominique. := for all your Object Pascal game
development needs;