Subject More: Re: [IBDI] Kylix freebies
Author Helen Borrie
There is going to be a free (beer) version of Delphi 6 for Linux under GPL:

What about that third variant? That's where things get the most
interesting. The "open" version will be
identical to the professional version, including the
full GUI RAD environment, except it will be free (beer).
You'll be able to download from Borland's web site or
buy it in a shrink-wrapped box, likely with a printed
manual, for approximately $99. (Upon hearing this I
advised Borland to begin upgrading their server
capacity immediately.) Like the other two versions the
open flavor will include the complete source for the
CLX framework, but covered by the GPL only, so you'll
only be able to create free (speech) software with
it. The server and professional versions will have
dual-licensed copies of CLX, allowing you to create open
or closed software.

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