Subject Kylix freebies
Author Helen Borrie
From the New York Kylix launch today:

Pricing is similar to the Windows Delphi equivalent,
at $1999 for the
server/web developer edition and $999 for desktop
apps, but a generous
freebie package bundles not only the CLX and DataCLX
libraries but a
MySQL driver too.

....the libraries are open source. But Charles
Jazdzewski, the chief scientist at CTO of the RAD
group at Borland,
says that it wants to propose the new exception
handling model back to
world+dog. This, he says, was freshly written for
Kylix, and doesn't
involve any run-time overhead of exception frames. And
he adds, should
result in much smaller executables than gcc
equivalents. Perhaps 12 per
cent or less of a debugging executable is taken up by
exception tables,
rather than 50 per cent in a gcc debug executable. And
it hopes Red Hat
and Cygnus will chew the proposal over, with view to
it becoming free
software. ®



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