Subject Re: [IBDI]Comments on IBDI article I just posted...
Author Veli-Matti Hurskainen
It would be ideal, of course, if there were one source code base. But there
isn't. We know the history of why this is the fact. Forcing - more or less
- the two code bases together and the two groups to work as one would force
compromises between the people and their way of developing IB/Firebird. And
a compromise is against "let all the flowers grow" - the open source
philosophy. Uniting the two would also profile IB/Firebird again as a
backend of Borland tools, Delphi,CB,JB etc. Though they are great tools,
there's a wide variety of others - and their users. Look at the Java world.
I would very much like to see Interserver/-client support "natively" e.g.
Visual Cafe etc.
Perhaps IBDI should concentrate on ways to synchronize the code bases and
the groups' work. A code replicator? If the two groups survive - or new
groups will be born it only means there are substantially different ways to
do the job. What is really needed, is a core (version) holder to ensure
there will no more be locksmiths in the engine. At the moment that can only
be IBPhoenix and the individuals they choose.
Platforms active: IB3.3/VMS,IB4.1/OpenVMS,IB4.0/AIX&HPUX&SCO,IB5.6/NT,
Activities: sw development, IB/Firebird support & consulting for sw
developers and end-users.