Subject Release Versions (Firebird)
Author Phil Shrimpton

I am sure this info is in another list somewhere, but I am on too many as it
is <g>

A potential client has raised some concerns over the use of "Interbase", not
because of "Interbase" itself, but the current version number.

Their company policy does not allow them to use 0.x releases of software,
and in the case of Microsoft and Oracle, they must use an x.1 or higher

They are quite prepared to use an "Interbase" x.0 release. There is the
Borland 6.01 version, but with past and present Borland 'issues' with
Interbase, they are in agreement with me that Firebird is the preferred
'distribution', which is currently at 0.9(something). They are quite happy
to take my word for it that the current build is suitable, its just that
their SysAdmins won't let it on their systems.

Is there a time frame for a v1.0 release of firebird? I am not worried
about 'features' and 'fixes', just the version number. I could cheat, and
make my own build and call it PhilsDB v1.0, but I am sure it would back fire
on me at some point <g>.