Subject Re: [IBDI] InterBase Service API on Linux????
Author Paul Reeves
Bernd Harmsen wrote:
> The Service API ist functional in the IB6CS for Win32

There is no CS version for IB6 on Win32. Probably never will be. Classic last
appeared on Win32 with v4.1, about four years ago.

> and in the IB6SS
> for Linux and Win32. Does anybody know why it is not functional in
> IB6CS on Linux.

It was a design decision taken by InterBase during the development of 6.0. The
intention was to phase Classic out entirely. If I had had any say in the matter
(which I didn't) I would have disagreed. The classic architecture argues a good
case for itself and it is up to proponents of the SS arch. to make it solid and
functional enough to eliminate the need for Classic. That hasn't been achieved

> My Problem is, that my boss like to use the IBConsole, because it is a
> free, small admin tool. And I don't like to use the SS because I've
> read aboute problems and instabilities many times.
> Does someone here knows if there are plans to include the Service API
> in the IB6CS-Linux Architecture?

I believe it is on a list of things to do. It is a long list and this is not an
immediate priority. Of course, as this is an open source project the usual
disclaimer applies: If someone or a group of people want to do it they are
welcome to go ahead and implement it. The best place to commence such a project
is to start a thread on, outlining the proposal.

> Or are there reasons not to use the
> Service API.

The Services API is a convenience and enables the development of easy to use
admin tools. However it doesn't do much that cannot already be achieved using
the existing command-line tools. A good example of this is IBBackup which
doesn't use the Services API but creates a process to run GBAK. (Of course, this
is a Win32 tool, but so is IBConsole.)

You can get to IBBackup by following the links from the web-site below.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further