Subject [IBDI] InterBase Service API on Linux????
Author Bernd Harmsen

On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 11:04:28AM -0500, willaby@... wrote:
> The services API is definitely there, however, it was primarilly
> designed for SuperServer and not originally for classic (not my
> decision). Because of this, the calls from IBConsole won't work
> (though they could be made to work pretty easily).

The Service API ist functional in the IB6CS for Win32 and in the IB6SS
for Linux and Win32. Does anybody know why it is not functional in
IB6CS on Linux.

My Problem is, that my boss like to use the IBConsole, because it is a
free, small admin tool. And I don't like to use the SS because I've
read aboute problems and instabilities many times.

Does someone here knows if there are plans to include the Service API
in the IB6CS-Linux Architecture? Or are there reasons not to use the
Service API.