Subject Interbase User Group
Author Doug Chamberlin
My apologies to those who are not located near me here in Eastern

The Boston area Paradox Users Group, also known as the Corel/Database Users
Group, has folded up its tent and gone home as of this month. (Attendance
was down and Corel was proving to be an unreliable vendor in its support of
the group.)

Those of us who are organizers of that group were talking about another
effort we might try to take its place - an Interbase User Group. I
volunteered to float the idea where I could and measure the response.

About a year ago I asked for possible interest in this idea on the MERS
support list and got all of 2 positive responses. What with Firebird slowly
emerging from ashes I thought it would be worth a second try.

Here is Eastern Massachusetts we have Ann Harrison and Jim Starkey. Also
Charlie Caro. Also Mark Duquette, I think. These are all Interbase
heavyweights. I'm sure there must be a few dozen user sites nearby. I know
the Boston Stock Exchange is a user site.

Anyway, what would be the interest in getting together, say once every 3
months, for a meeting to chat about our favorite database?