Subject Re: [IBDI] IB 6 problem
Author Nick Lothian
> Helen,
> > Newsgroups are a limitation if one can't access them and/or one is on
> > limited and expensive bandwidth.
> I really can't understand the latter. I think that's exactly
> the point that favors newsgroups against mailing lists; with
> a list, you get everything everytime. With a newsgroup, you
> can choose what to download.

I agree with this totally. The amount of mail coming from the MERS lists is
fairly large, with a significant number of cross posts - and the amount that
interest me is about 2 or 3 a day. I'm considering unsubscribing from there
because of that.

If all "implementation of IB6" posts start getting cross posted here as
well, I'd have a problem staying on here. I just want to keep up to date
with what is happening with Interbase - I don't really want to know all the
little issues people have found, because I can always search Mers for that.

Nick Lothian