Subject Re: [IBDI] IB 6 problem
Author Nando Dessena

> Newsgroups are a limitation if one can't access them and/or one is on
> limited and expensive bandwidth.

I really can't understand the latter. I think that's exactly
the point that favors newsgroups against mailing lists; with
a list, you get everything everytime. With a newsgroup, you
can choose what to download.

> I would certainly want to discourage the use of the IBDI list for general
> InterBase support - the mers list is the place for that - but a lot of the
> IB 6.0 installation stuff is getting to be "noise" in the mers list, isn't
> it? And you have already commented yourself on its irrelevance to other
> lists like IBO-List...

This is a good point. I have to say, though, that I wouldn't
be able to keep my subscription to this mailing list should
it become a support list with hundreds of messages per day
(I've got a dialup connection, if you understand what this
means here in Italy).
My 0.2E