Subject RE: [IBDI] Character sets - for the IBDH database
Author David Schnepper
Well, then I might as well point out some more items.

By default, InterBase takes messages from $INTERBASE/interbase.msg,

However, if (memory hazy on exact name) $INTERBASE_MSGS is set, it uses that
as the message file.

And, if $LC_MESSAGES is set (Unix default for declaring processes prefered
language for messages), the $INTERBASE/intl/$LC_MESSAGES.msg is used as the
text file.

InterBase.msg is a platform dependant file -- but a trivial change will make
it platform
independant. (It uses a longword to index messages within the file -- just
make the longword
in network order).

ISQL, parts of WISQL, Qli, & the engine all use the message file to
translate error or message
codes to text. Gpre does not (programmers like english, right?), GDef does
- and I just plain
don't know about later tools such as Server manager, etc.
(Many years ago someone in marketing guessed that full translations would
not result in any more
sales -- since we were an engine embedded in someone else's product -- plus
they cost money! --
on the whole I agree with this, but still think the basic error messages
generated by the engine
should have translations available!)


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Subject: RE: [IBDI] Character sets - for the IBDH database

At 04:16 PM 3/29/00 -0800, David Schnepper wrote:
>... That's how the translation database for InterBase messages
>& error text is set up. (Didn't know there was a database
>of InterBase translations??? Yet another project that was
>setup in engineering and never was funded for hiring translators.
>When I left we had about 75% of a Japanese translation & 50%
>each of French & German in the database - Many messages
>from the 3.x & 4.x timeframe, and no new 5.x or 6.x messages
>having any translations.).

My, the wonderful things one can learn by reading one's mail.
We'll find the remnants of that effort and try to get it set
up so the community can help us finish it.

Thanks Dave.



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