Subject Re: [IBDI] Which license(s)?
Author Ann Harrison
The attachment to this message is a draft copy of the Interbase
Public License for your review and comment. Section 6.4 (slightly
scrambled in the translation to HTML) is a list of the differences
between the Mozilla 1.1 license and the Interbase 1.0 license.

Roland Turner wrote:
> > >- If 1.1, will the multiple-licensed code provisions be utilised? (I
> > >hope so.)

I asked:

> > Would you elaborate on this? I understand that the Gnome developers
> > prefer GPL/LGPL ...

He replied:

>It's more than that, they're kind of chained to it.
>To integrate, they need code to either (i) be under the GPL or (ii) be
>capable of conversion-at-licensee-option. That latter option is offered
>by LGPL and by MPL-1.1-with-GPL-option or MPL-1.1-with-LGPL-option (in
>the latter case, conversion is a two-step process, but you gain the
>ability to achieve LGPL integration also).

We will gradually move utility programs from the single Mozilla
license to a dual Mozilla-GPL license. Developers of proprietary
software should accept the Mozilla license. Those who are working
in the "copylefting" part of the world can use the GPL license.
Patches must be submitted under both licenses.

Right at the moment, we've got our hands full getting the code
out under one license, so please be a bit patient.