Subject RE: [IBDI] Porting to other OS'
Author Mervin Pearce
There has been a port of IB to FreeBSD previously by a Japanese company (I
think) I feel we should try to find out a bit more with regards to this port
or many IB evangelists *WILL* port it to the real *NIXes FreeBSD AFAIK.

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Subject: [IBDI] Porting to other OS'

Apologies in advance if this has been asked already, but has anyone on the
project tried to get the IB server components to build under *BSD? I'm no
expert on UNIX porting, so I'm afraid I wouldn't have much to offer but a
decent test environment and a willingness to do documentation. I am very
excited by the prospect of IB going Open Source though. I currently use
MySQL to backend all of my web servers, but it's lack of a full SQL syntax
has reared its ugly head again and again. I also tried PostgreSQL and found
it wanting. I've played with IB on NT (yuck!) and it seems very capable.
Bravo to the development team on their product.

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