Subject Re: [IBDI] Suggested Web site additions...
Author Marc Spitzer
Actualy that would be a very good thing for all supported OS's.
I work in a solaris shop, and I am trying to use interbase for a
project, so Solaris information would be a big help for me.


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Subject: [IBDI] Suggested Web site additions...

> From: "Phil Shrimpton" <phil@...>
> Hi,
> A couple of details that could be put on the web site that would probable
> reduce the newsgroup/mailing list traffic by about 99% are:
> - State in BIG letters that the IBConsole does not work with the Linux
> Yet.
> - A brief 'ToDo' list for the Linux beta, that lists what is not
> yet (the services API for instance). As IBConsole and the IB6 Docs. are
> available it only seams fair to let people know that some things are not
> there.
> I know it is the Beta version, and you get what you pay for (which is
> nothing), but I know of a number of people that have spent a few days
> to get things to work that are currently impossible and we don't want to
> 'new' people off before it starts.
> About half of this info is already on the IBDI web site, but as there is
> link on the main site, people don't go there or even know it exists.
> Just a suggestion.
> Cheers
> Phil Shrimpton
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