Subject Re: [IBDI] I Can't log in Interbase Server from IBConsole.
Author Paul Beach
The InterBase 6.0 Linux beta kit - at the moment is a classic build - by that I mean it is a single user per process based architecture, rather than our NT build for example which is a single process multi-threaded server. The problem you are seeing is basically the following.
Unfortunately it is very difficult (nearly impossible) for us to implement the services and management api's in the classic server, and we use this api in InterBase 6.0 to register your logon to the server, as such the software you are using (IBConsole) will not let you attach to server. You need to use the command line tools for the time being, until we put together a single process multi-threaded server for Linux (we are doing this in R&D at the moment).
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Subject: [IBDI] I Can't log in Interbase Server from IBConsole.

From: "Miguel Angelo Henley" <miguel@...>

I've just downloaded Interbase Beta 6 from
After I installed Interbase on a Red Hat Linux server I've installed the Interbase Client ( on a Windows 98 workstation. Running IBClient, I tested the connections (Server | Diagnose Connections ...) and It works - it has found the Interbase Server at TCP port 3050.
But when I registered the server and try to log in I received the following message error :
Error logging into the requested server.
Detail Message :
Cannot attach to services manager
data base file name (Â|) already given.
Can you help me, please ?
Best Regards,
Miguel Angelo Henley.

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