Subject Suggested Web site additions...
Author Phil Shrimpton

A couple of details that could be put on the web site that would probable
reduce the newsgroup/mailing list traffic by about 99% are:

- State in BIG letters that the IBConsole does not work with the Linux beta

- A brief 'ToDo' list for the Linux beta, that lists what is not implemented
yet (the services API for instance). As IBConsole and the IB6 Docs. are
available it only seams fair to let people know that some things are not

I know it is the Beta version, and you get what you pay for (which is
nothing), but I know of a number of people that have spent a few days trying
to get things to work that are currently impossible and we don't want to put
'new' people off before it starts.

About half of this info is already on the IBDI web site, but as there is no
link on the main site, people don't go there or even know it exists.

Just a suggestion.


Phil Shrimpton
Project JEDI DCOM Team Captain
Project JEDI Library Team
Registered Linux User #155621